CH Soutembou Go Kuwana Mitomoso

(aka "Pork Chop" )

Pork Chop at 4 months shortly after arriving in the U.S.

Pork Chop at 9 months taking Best-of-Breed from the classes over specials his first time out enroute to a Puppy Group 1 and Best-Puppy-in-Show



Koutembou Go Akitsushimaso x Wakame Go Kuwana Mitomoso

Pork Chop at 2 years of age going Breed down in Florida January 2008


Pork Chop, or as he is *formally* called, Katsu, came to us as a wild and unruly puppy, but has matured into a handsome and beautiful example of a young Shiba destined for greatness.

Pork Chop is owned and loved by the MR2 Group, and lives with Bob What's-his-name in Florida.

Thank you Mr. Sato for entrusting this gorgeous boy to us and allowing him to become part of our breeding program!

Pork Chop is Nippo Registered.

Pork Chop's Pedigree