2/28/2013 “I want to congratulate all the winners at the Garden this year...”
1/2012 This past year was “my” last year of showing dogs (I didn’t really show, however, a good friend of mine showed for me)—many “thanks” to Phil Scala for showing Kenny (Ch. Kokukenryuu Amamisou) for me at Westminster.  I was hoping he’d get a placement, but he didn’t, however, another black and tan that was produced by some other friends of mine (Sno-storm Shibas in Ohio) and came out of my other boy, Kota, went Best-of-Opposite Sex, which she had done 2 years ago or so, and I was delighted by that, seeing as she and Kenny were the only two black and tans there... And we were also hoping Kenny’s son, Buckeye (GCH MR2 Three Ships to the Wind) would also get a placement, but he didn’t.  I was supposed go to Westminster with Phil, however, I had a seizure several weeks ago, and I can’t drive for 6 months, so I couldn’t do it, and now I just want everybody to be educated about them before they get one, if possible... 



Okay, well 2011 wasn’t one of the “better” years, but I think I’m finally back to where I need to be in order to move ahead with things… It’s literally taken me 2 years to get it together after my head injury in 2009, and this year I managed to put one point on one of the girls I’m showing, but I wasn’t out in the ring that much, and I’m hoping 2012 will be better in that regard. I have a few dogs who I’d like to put their championships on them, and then I think things will really slow down after that and I’ll slowly get out of Shibas within the next 5 years…



Just to set the record straight...

I've had a kennel license for approximately 10 years and have been inspected by the dog warden once a year while in MD, and twice a year while in PA, and I've never had a problem. The dog warden came downstairs to meet all my dogs, some of which were in crates and some were on couches. They also inspected my kennel area (where dogs were). The dog warden commented on how friendly the dogs were when they were greeted and jumped all over by them and were very happy to see them. Now that, in my opinion, says a lot about my dogs and how I care for them...

All I know is my dogs have been my number one priority for the past 20 years, and you can ask my husband... He knows, he's had to run in second place to them over the years... Now I'm in the process of spaying/neutering my older dogs, and placing them in new loving forever homes.

Elliott has been back with me for the last 10 years or so, and he was placed "ONLY AFTER" I had received PERMISSION to neuter him/place him... Same with Bernie--I would *NEVER* spay/neuter/place a dog WITHOUT the "owner's" permission, and even though I co-owned Elliott (I still have the AKC papers)--I had to wait until he had gotten both majors-- both myself and another party wanted/offered to show him, but were refused by the other co-owner, because they wanted to make an impression with the person who had bought him initially as a show prospect, but he just didn't work out... It was a lost cause; he just didn't like the show ring (not all dogs like to show)... Now, after I have been in Kennett Square for 4-1/2 years, I am at the point where I am ready to slowly get out of Shibas within the next 5 years... I have a couple of breedings planned and I'm (as always) looking for something very specific, otherwise, they'll all go out as pets on spay/neuter contracts.

I don't place dogs in show homes or for breeding, and I never produce a litter just to place them as pets to make money... It doesn't work that way... Anybody who has known me all these years, including way back when I started, knows that I am honest and my dogs are my first interest, period... I don't care what anybody else says or thinks... I'm through with that... And, because of *certain* people, I no longer trust many people, Shiba breeders, etc.

As far as I am concerned, you can believe what you want. I can go to sleep at night, wake up and look at myself in the mirror.


Wow, it's great to *go* to Westminster (I didn't really go...) and not even have a dog entered, but a dog I own is the sire of a black and tan girl who went Best-of-Opposite Sex (BOS) to the Best-of-Breed dog (Congratulations, Jeremy!!!)  She was the first black and tan to win a BOS there and I had the first Black and Tan to take an Award-of-Merit there back in 2001.  That's what breeding a nice black and tan gets you!!!  Congrats to Dee and Mary for your awesome win!!!  I'm so happy for y'all!!!

Overview of the Year!

What a strange year 2010 was.  I'm reasonably back to *normal*  (whatever that is).  I'm  B-A-C-K (courtesy of "The Terminator")...!!! : )  I went out and showed a dog of mine that I wasn't able to show in 2009 for obvious reasons, and amazingly enough she was able to pick up 2 points and WB the first time I took her out last January (2010).  However, it was harder than it looked and I only ended up showing her a few times and then I put her away and wasn't sure if I would continue showing her in 2011.  But...  I had my first litter of puppies this year (since 2008) in July and it wasn't my plan to keep anything initially, but I ended up keeping a beautiful girl and she has been my real motivation, so...  in 2011 I plan on continuing to show and hopefully finish my first girl and  show/finish my second girl.  I'm ready to get back into things and start showing River Wind Shibas!!!  I hope everybody had a good holiday season and a good year in 2010 and I hope to see y'all in the ring next year!!!


Overview of the year!

Ban and Chris have certainly taken us on one amazing journey this past year. What a GREAT year it has been. During this time we have had our share of ups and downs and have learned something new at every twist and turn. This journey would not have been possible without the encouragement, guidance and insight of Mr. Tomimoto and Chris Berg and support of our friends. We can’t say “Thank You” enough to all of the people that have supported Ban and Chris in their journey. We look forward to the future with great anticipation as Mr. Tomimoto and Ban have provided us with an incredible foundation on which to build.


Skokie Valley Kennel Club -
Under - Dr. Robert Indeglie Ban took Breed then went onto a
Group 4 under Mr. Jon Cole.
Skokie Valley Kennel Club -
Under judge - Mr. Charles Olvis Ban took Breed.
Chicago Goldcoast Kennel Club -
Under - Mrs. Judith Daniels Ban took Breed.
Richland County Kennel Club -
Under judge - Dr. Richard Ban took Breed.
Middlesex County Kennel Club -
Under - Mr. Luc Boileau Ban took Breed.
Written by Gibby:
Eastern Dog Club -
Under judge - Dr. Robert A. Indeglia Ban took Breed.

What a great day the rest of us had on Saturday in Gettysburg.

We (Rick, my husband, and me) and Tom & Sandie & George went to the Chambersburg Area KC show in Gettysburg, and I showed Leah - "River Wind's The Look of Love" for the first time (the first *real* show dog other than Dahlia, I have shown all year) and she won her Bred-By Exhibitor class over competition and went Reserve Winner's Bitch her first time out!!!  I'm so proud of her!!!  Jadie-girl, Copperdot's Jade of Okan, won her Open Bitch class and went Winner's Bitch and Best-of-Breed for 2 points, which I am very proud of.  Jadie is a beautiful girl and deserved the win if Leah didn't get it--I can't wait for Jadie to finish her championship!!!  Now, when I show Leah next year, her attitude/behavior in the ring will improve and she'll do great--that's what working with her for the last week or so does to you...  What a lot of work!!!  But what a good girl!!!  : )
12/03/09 Middlesex County Kennel Club -
Under judge - Mr. David McIntyre Ban took Breed.


11/23/09 In Loving Memory...

Ch River Wind's Dances With Wolves (Skye Queen) - 04/17/93 - 11/23/09

You were my second show dog, my second homebred champion
from my very first litter, and always my faithful Boo-Boo--nothing will ever fill the void they leave in my heart--sleep gently, sweet Boo-Boo, now you are with your sister Belle-Belle.

11/22/09 Upper Marlboro Kennel Club -
Under judge - Mr. Vincent T. Grosso Ban
11/21/09 Chesapeake Kennel Club of Maryland -
Under judge - Mrs. Kathleen M Grosso Ban took Breed.
11/19/09 National Capital Kennel Club-
Ban took Breed and a
Group 4 under judge Mrs. Elaine J. Lessig
Thank You for all the nice words about this 9 year old boy!
11/15/09 **Congratulations**        
Bear & Phil who got his second major today which  **finishes** him!!!!!
" Ch. Tengai's Chip Off The Ol'Block"
Under judge: Mrs.
Debbie Campbell -  Ban took breed under her today too....
What a way to end this weekend!!!!

Benched shows can be a little hard on the body....but it was fun to spend time with everyone!!!
11/14/09 Kudo's to Bear who got one of his majors today Tengai's Chip Off The Ol'Block "
Under judge: Mrs. Robert D. Smith and to
Ban who took Breed under her to go on to the group so he will be on TV
on Thanksgiving Day, on NBC right after the Macy's Day Parade....
Look sharp you two!
11/1/09 Virginia Beach Kennel Clubs second day  -
Under judge - Mr. Robert E. Hall Ban took Breed.
10/31/09 Virginia Beach Kennel Club -
Under judge - Mr. Steve Hayden Ban took Breed.
10/30/09 Middle Peninsula Kennel Club of Virginia second day (play that tune again) -
Ban took Breed under judge Mrs. Ruth Zimmerman then went on to a
Group 4 under Mrs. Ellen Fetter .
Thank You to both judges for seeing the quality in this boy

Middle Peninsula Kennel Club of Virginia -
Ban took Breed under judge Mrs. Ellen Fetter then went on to a
Group 4 under Mrs. Ruth Zimmerman.
10/12/09 Maryland Kennel Club -
Under judge - Mr. Chuck Winslow Ban took Breed.
10/11/09 Maryland Kennel Club -
Under judge - Ms. Sharon Lyons Ban took Breed then onto a
Group 4 under Mrs. Sue Weiss


"Great 4 Day Trip!!" 
Friday:- Ban took **BISS (this is his second Specialty win).
We would also like to
Congratulate ALL the winners that day.
**There were some very beautiful dogs there to represent our breed....***

A Heartfelt Congratulations: to Tengai's Water Lily "Lily" for BOS in sweepstakes
(her first time out, way to start a career Phil and Lily).
Best in Sweeps went to San Jo's Juicy Gossip "Gus"
A Huge Congrats to Ban's  great granddaughter Ch. San Jo's She's On Fire "Youmee"
to her owners, breeder and handler for winning BOS All three days!
Saturday: - Another Huge Congrats goes to 2nd time National Specialty winner
Ch. Jogoso's Fool For Love "Buddy" handled by: Junior handler, Austin McCarty.
We would also like to Congratulate another 2nd time top twenty winner:
Ch. Trynyty Cayenne at Thunderpaws "Pepper" (Way to go - 2 years in a row)
Sunday: a Hardy Congrats goes to Specialty winner Ch. Mo's Grand Thunderstorm handled by: Jeremy Hohman

"We had a wonderful time visiting with old and new friends..
To Every One that came we hope you had a wonderful time too!"
9/26/09 Mid-Coast Kennel Club second day -
Under judge - Ms. Denny C. Mounce Ban took Breed.
9/25/09 Warrenton Kennel Club -
Under judge - Mr. John Cole Ban took Breed.
9/20/09 2nd time out as a special!!!!!!
Ch. River Wind's Black Ice At Tengai
Under judge - Mrs. Benda Newcomb
"Moe" takes BREED over top ranked specials!
Way to go
"Moe"  and Phil nice way to start a specials career!!!
9/11/09 Pocono Kennel Club second day -
Under judge - Monica Canestrini Ban took Breed.

Take time today to reflect and remember .....Life is short. Let those close to you know how you feel....God Bless those lost and left behind!! God Bless us All!

9/9/09 *Congratulations** to Ban who turned 9yrs old today

since inquiring minds want want to know......**here are the facts**

Ban has been showing as a special in a total of  117 shows
he has taken breed under
56 different judges within those shows.
He has taken Breed for a grand total of
85 times.
His group placements are as follows....
7 - Group 1's
6 - Groups 2's
2 - Groups 3's
2 - Group 4's

Thank You to all the Judges that continue to reward
this nice representation of the breed.

8/30/09 Mid-Coast Kennel Club second day -
Under judge - Monica Canestrini Ban took Breed.
8/29/09 Mid-Coast Kennel Club -
Under judge - Denny Mounce Ban took Breed.
8/28/09 Central Maine Kennel Club -
Under judge - Don Rogers Ban took Breed and onto another
Group 2.
8/27/09 Central Maine Kennel Club -
Under judge - Ray Filburn Ban took Breed and onto a
Group 2.
8/23/09 At Great Barrington Kennel Club -
Under judge - Rita Hollaway Ban took Breed and onto a
Group 1.
8/22/09 At Newtown Kennel Club -
Under judge - Angela Porpora Ban took Breed.
8/21/09 At Elm City Kennel Club -
Under judge - Mr. Larry Stanbridge Ban took Breed.
8/16/09 Sunday at the second day of Talbot Kennel Club -
Under judge - Mr. Ken Falconi Ban took Breed again.
8/15/09 Saturday at Talbot Kennel Club -
Under judge - Mr. Arley Hussin Ban took Breed
8/09/09 Making his debut as a special!!!!!!
Ch. River Wind's Black Ice At Tengai
Under judge - Mr. Mark Kennedy
"Moe" takes BREED over top ranked specials!
We look for wonderful things in the ring from these two (
"Moe"  and Phil)!!!
8/08/09 "What A Great Day!!"  River Wind's Black Ice At Tengai "Moe" (for a 4pt major)
Finished his
Championship today..way to go
"Moe" & Phil!!!
Under judge - Mrs. Connie Clapp
He is a wonderful representation of a Black and Tan!

Ban took Breed also at Penn Ridge Kennel Club.

8/07/09 *Congratulations** to Mariah who got her last point today to make her
"Ch. Copperdots Santa Anna Winds" Under judge: Ms. Esther Joseph
Thank You Diana for this wonderful girl she is the sweetest girl ...


You can not win all the time......

With Ban almost back in full coat he swept this 4 day weekend in Canfield OH
Thank You to all the Judges; Mr. Randy Garren, Mrs. Robert Smith,

Mrs. Rita Holloway and Mr. Eugene Blake

          On a side note hope everyone got to see the Harrisburg Kennel Club
dog show on Animal Planet: It was Ban's Great Grand-daughter who took the Group 4:
Nice to see our breed getting the recognition that they deserve.
Sorry that the commentator was incorrect in the narrative during the show but,
you are as only correct as the script ...even though he should of known better.
7/19/09 **Congratulations** all of the Kota "Ch. Kisaragi No Kotaro Amaniso"
kids that are out there and have finished to give
Kota "Ch. Kisaragi No Kotaro Amamiso" his "ROM"
Way to go
Kota and kids!!!!    Way to go Gibby and your kids!

This Saturday at Putnam Kennel Club -
Under judge - Mrs. Elaine Lessig Ban took Breed
7/4/09 "What a Bang for 4th of July" BOB from the Puppy Classes (for a 3pt major)
River Wind's Black Ice At Tengai 
"Moe"   at 6 months of age.
Under judge Ms. Terri Lyddon.
This is from a strong breeding program that took patience and a good eye
for producing wonderful Black and Tans...You go Phil & Moe!
"The Real *Bang*" was Gibby & Dahlia returning to the ring.
Dahlia with Gibby on the lead went BOS to her homebred "Moe".
What a wonderful day....want to talk about sparks!

Ban took Breed at Farmington Valley Kennel Club
Under judge - Mrs. Beverly A. Vics

7/3/09 "Happy Birthday America"
River Wind's Black Ice At Tengai
"Moe" goes WD/BW (for 2pts)
Under judge Col. Harold R. Brizee
Let's here it for those wonderful Black/Tans...Way to go boys!
6/21/09 Sunday at Staten Island Kennel Club
Under judge - Mr. Carl E. Gomes

River Wind's Black Ice At Tengai
takes BOW
(for 1pt)
Nice way to start out you guys!

p.s. Again ....Congrat's on Tengai's Tea Time Tassie
(WB for another point - she's a Tenshin daughter) (Go get those majors!!)

6/20/09 Making his debut by going BOB/BOW/Best Puppy (for a 3pt major)
River Wind's Black Ice At Tengai
"Moe" at 6 months of age.
Under judge Dr. Robert Smith.
He is from a litter that Gibby had been waiting to do.
This takes her back to her roots in the breed of producing wonderful Black and Tans...Way to go Phil & Moe!

p.s. Congrat's on Tengai's Tea Time Tassie 
(WB for 1pt - she's a Tenshin daughter)

5/31/09 Sunday at Framingham District Kennel Club
Under judge - Mrs. Sari Brewster Tietjen
Ban took Breed again.
Great weekend Chris & Ban!!!
5/30/09 This Saturday at Ladies' Dog Club -
Under judge - Mr. Eugene Blake Ban took Breed

Memorial Day!!!!! 2009  **Happy Memorial Day!**

Ban took Breed at Gloucester Kennel Club Of Virginia
Under judge - Mr. Don Rogers

Ban took Breed at Langley Kennel Club
Under judge - Mrs. Charlotte Patterson
5/22/09 What a wonderful beginning to this Holiday weekend
Ban took Breed and then goes on to a
**Group One (making this his 6th) at Staten Island Kennel Club
Under judge - Mr. W. Usherwood
5/16/09 Ban took Breed at Mattaponi Kennel Club
Under judge - Mrs. Jean Lade
5/10/09 Happy Mothers Day!!!!! 2009
5/09/09 What at Superb day we had --
Ban took Breed at Chester Valley Kennel Club
then went on to take a
**Group One
Both wins under judge - Mr. Raymond Filburn Jr..
After judging we all went up to Bryn Mawr to visit with Ms. Gibby........
PS.. Congrats to Phil Scala and Bear (Tengai's Chip Off The Ol'Block)
for winning BOW for 2pts (go get those majors)........
5/03/09 Ban takes Breed at Trenton Kennel Club
Under judge - Mrs. Susan M. Carr.
Ban takes Breed at Bucks County Kennel Club
Under judge - Mr. Carl E. Gomes.


What a Great weekend we had!!! Ban sweeps the weekend in Delaware winning Best-of-Breed all 3 days!!!  Way to go Chris & Ban (the "Happy Shiba")!!!
Thank you Mr. Ed Bivin, Mr. Ken Falconi & Mrs. C. DiGiacomo...


Ban takes a Group 1 at Catoctin Kennel Club!!!
Thank you to all the judges - for their continued recognition and kind words.


What a Fantastic four day cluster we had this past weekend in Syracuse NY at the Salt City Cluster...Thursday Ban took a **Group One with a show entry of 1362, Friday another Group 1 with a show entry of 1559, Saturday he took a Group 2 with an entry of 2014, and Sunday he took a Group 3 with a show entry of 1906. I want to congratulate Chris and Ban for making such a wonderful team. I have heard nothing but wonderful things on how well they look together.
Four days of shows and 4 Group placements "Way to Go you two!"
03/19/09 Ban takes the Breed at the Non-Sporting of Garden State supported entry in NJ and his Great Granddaughter goes BOS to him.
03/14/09 "Sophie"  (Ch. Rodel's Walking on Sunshine), a Gorgeous Kenny daughter, finishes her Championship at the same Cluster where she made her debut a year ago at the Celtic Cluster in York, PA. There ya go Gibby another Kenny Champion. Ban goes on to go  Best-of-Breed for all four days!!! 
02/09/09 WOW!! Ban takes the Breed at Westminster Kennel Club.
I will try to keep this page updated for Gibby since she can not do it .....so I will. 
01/19/09 What another Fantastic weekend we had for our first weekend out this year!!!  We only entered Sophie on Friday & then the other class girls, Mariah, Jadey & Leah, on Saturday & Sunday--Ban was entered all 4 days--he got beat by a class dog on Friday (congrats, Debbie!!!), but went on to take the Breed Sat and Sun, along with a Group 2 on Sun!!!  Not sure what he did on Monday as the results aren't posted and I haven't heard, so don't want to post any incorrect info, but what a great way to start off the new year--thank you Michael Dachel!!!  Sophie also was beat on Friday, but on Saturday, Mariah went WB/BOS for her 2nd major and now just needs singles to finish, and this was only her 3rd weekend out!!!  On Sunday, Jadey went WB/BOS for her very 1st major!!!  Whoo-hoo!!!  Go Jadey girl!!!  Unfortunately, I was not able to be there because my father had been admitted to the hospital last Sunday, and I ended up going down to VA on Tuesday, picking he and my mother up, and taking them home with me to nurse them back to health--they had been sick since after New Year's...  : (  Anyway, I was *supposed* to train Leah (Girlfriend's sister) for her debut this weekend, but last week took on a life of its own and all I could say to Tom was, *have a good time with her and good luck!!!*...  : )  Roger Hartinger told Tom he should have won the *most entertaining* award...  : )  Sorry, Tom!!!  : )   But everybody thought she was adorable and had a good laugh!!!  : )  I'm so proud of our Jadey girl and Mariah!!!  And Lea-lea, we know with a little fine-tuning, you will tear the ring up!!!
01/03/09 Rumor (Sno-Storm's Rumor Has It) finished his championship today and is now Kenny's 2nd champion!!!  Now we just have to get Sophie finished and she'll be his third!!!  Way to go Dee & Rumor!!!  What a great way to start the year!!!
01/02/09 Check out how we spent our New Year's Eve 2008 and New Year's Day 2009, and I bet it's nothing like you think!!!  It was one of the scariest moments of my life and words can't even begin to describe how my life has changed as a result...
12/20/08 Elvis has left the building...In loving memory

Ch Blue Mtn's Love Me Tender -- Elvis  08/25/95 - 12/20/08

You were one hell of a Hound Dog and endeared yourself to everybody who met you--and you got to grow old with a family and three small children who idolized you and who you worshipped/took care of in return...  You made us all proud, good boy...  You will always be the king...

12/15/08 What a fantastic weekend we had!!!  Sandie and I headed off to Cleveland on Thursday afternoon with several dogs in tow, 2 of who we were showing and hoping to finish...  There were huge entries there for the 3 days we had entered and a lot of stiff competition.  Friday, Goldie won her Open class and Girlfriend went RWB to a 5-point major.  Saturday, Goldie won her Open class again, and Girlfriend went on to win her BBE class and go WB for a 4-point major to finish her championship!!!  This was her third major and she showed beautifully and truly deserved the win.  Judge Ed Sledzik commented that she "moved beautifully coming and going, and the more he watched her the more he liked her."  Thank you Mr. Sledzik for those very nice compliments!!!   Girlfriend was moved up to Best-of-Breed for Sunday's show.  On Sunday, Goldie once again won the Open class and then went on to take WB for a 3-point major and BOW to get another point from the boys to finish her championship with a 4-point major!!!  This was her third major as well and we were ecstatic!!!  Not to be outdone, Girlfriend showed she could go out and play with the big boys (and girls!!!) and went BOS over 2 other Bitch specials for her first time out as a champion!!!  Sandie handled her to this win and she was so happy she could finally show *her* dog!!!   In addition to our great weekend, Deanna Rotkowski was showing her Kenny son, Sno-Storm's Rumor Has It (picture coming soon!!!), and he picked up back-to-back 5-point majors on Friday and Saturday and now just needs 1 single point to finish!!!  Way to go, guys!!!  Rumor will be Kenny's second champion and the second in his litter to finish!!!  We couldn't have asked for a better way to end the year and what a year it has been!!!  We had a great time seeing old friends and making new friends and doing what we love to do!!!  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!!!  Thanks to everybody who lent a hand where it was needed and made our visit so enjoyable!!!
12/08/08 Ban sweeps the weekend up in Boston winning Best-of-Breed all 4 days over top ranked specials, as well as taking a group 3 and group 4 along the way!!!  Way to go Chris & Ban!!!  : )  In the meantime, we're waiting for more little *Bans* in the oven to pop out any day now!!!  We are so excited!!!
11/23/08 What another great day we had yesterday!!!  Mariah, once again, went WB/BOW/BOS over a specials bitch for a 4-point major!!!  Way to go, Mariah and Sandie!!!  This is the second week in a row that Mariah has gone up over the same specials bitch!!!  And not to be outdone, our very own Girlfriend went RWB to the major!!!  You go, girlies!!!  As soon as Mariah and Girlfriend are finished, we have several others waiting in the wings to make their debut!!!  We are so excited!!!  We can't until next year when these shows will be held in their brand-new facility!!!
11/17/08 What a great weekend we had!!!  On Saturday, Goldie (Blackcrest Kairi Gold) picked up her second major and now only needs 4 single points to finish!!!  Goldie is a beautiful red girl who belongs to Jeannette Watson of Blackcrest Shibas, and who I offered to show for her.  On Sunday, Mariah (Copperdot's Santa Ana Winds) went WB/BOS over a Specials bitch to pick up her first 2 points!!!  Way to go Mariah!!!  Mariah is my Howler's littermate and is a beautiful girl!!!  Both of these girls were used earlier this year in the filming of the upcoming movie, " Hachiko", which will be released around Christmas time, I believe.  We can't wait to see our babies' screen debuts!!!
11/08/08 Enjoy some pictures of our beautiful fall!!!
11/03/08 Girlfriend goes Winners Bitch/Best-of-Winners for a 5-point major at the Regional Speciality held in Virginia Beach at the Flying Gull circuit and now only needs 4 single points to finish!!  Ban takes his 3rd & 4th AOMs at the same shows!!! 
10/11/08 Sophie goes WB/BOS/BBBE/BBEG4 for her 3rd major!!!  Now she just needs 2 single points to finish and she'll be Kenny's second champion!!!  Whoo-Hoo!!!  : )
10/04/08 Ban takes a group 2 over some tough competition at the Devon Dog Show!!!  Thank you Jacqueline Stacy & Sue Weiss!!!
08/11/08 Wow, what a great weekend we had!!!  Girlfriend (River Wind's Love Affair At Rodel) made her debut this weekend and went WB/ BOW/BOS for her first major win for 4 points on Saturday!!!  It appears she's following in her mother's footsteps (CH River Wind's Luck Of The Draw)!!!  Banshou went Best of Breed all three days and is looking awesome!!!  We can't wait to see his first puppies on the ground in September!!!  He sure does love all of his girls!!! 
06/02/08 In Loving Memory...

Ch River Wind's Tokyo Pearl (Belle) - 04/17/93 - 06/02/08

You were my first show dog, my first champion,
and always my faithful companion--
-nothing will ever fill the void left in my heart-
-sleep gently, sweet Belle-Belle.

04/26/08 Only her 2nd weekend out this year and we have new AKC Champion Cabanterra Divine Dahlia at MR2!!!  Dahlia finished her championship with a total of 4 back-to-back majors!!!  Thank you to all the judges for all of the wonderful things you had to say about her!!! 
04/17/08 HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY, BELLE & SKYE QUEEN!!!  Our two oldest girls from our very first litter (and our very first homebred champions), CH River Wind's Tokyo Pearl and CH River Wind's Dances with Wolves, are celebrating their 15th birthday today!!!  May you have many many more girlie-whirlies!!!  : )
It was another fantastic weekend for MR2!!!  We went to the Blue & Gray Cluster in Harrisburg, PA, and had a great time!!!  PeaBoo went WB on Thursday and Dahlia, our little German import, went RWB.  Banshou Go Ryuukyuu Uruma, our newest import, also made his debut and went WD/BOS!!!  TJ, one of our Tenshin x Bonnie puppies, made his debut on Friday and did very well!!!  On Saturday, Dahlia, went WB for a 4-point major--her first!!!  Banshou went WD/BOW for his first major for 4 points!!!  Leo, our repeat breeding out of Kota x Pudgie, made his debut and went RWD to the major!!!   On Sunday, Dahlia went WB/BOS for another 4-point major and now only needs 5 single points to finish her championship!!!  Sophie, our beautiful BBE girl, went RWB!!!  If that weren't enough, Banshou went WD/BOW for his 2nd 4-point major and Leo went RWD to the major again!!!  And what was even better was that close to half the entry were all related, including a bitch special who won the breed Thursday and Friday!!!  Ironically, her great grandfathers on both sides of her pedigree, actually live with us!!!  : )  Banshou, her great-grandfather on her sire's side just joined us a little over a week ago (Thank you Mr. Yuichi Tomimoto for allowing this beautiful boy to come to us!!!), and her great-grandfather on her dam's side, Ch Tenshin Go Etchuu Wakasugisou, has been with us several years and has made a major impact on our breeding program.  We're hoping Banshou will be equally as valuable to us in that department!!!  Banshou is behind many of the imports who have come into the US over the last several years.  We are so excited!!!  It's nice to have such beautiful offspring represent our dogs here in the U.S.!!!  : )  Pictures of Banshou coming soon!!!
Also, many thanks to Tom & Sandie Rolenaitis for their wonderful hospitality and cooking!!!  : )  They hosted a dinner party after the show Saturday and everybody had a wonderful time!!!  : )  We all had our Shibas running together and it was a beautiful sight to behold to have over 15 Shibas from several different kennels running and playing together!!!  Check out the pictures and video!!!
04/02/08 Correction--Unfortunately, we found out after-the-fact, that Sophie's wins were invalidated for the weekend of March 15, because her registration was dated the date after these shows closed, so even though she did win the Breed from the classes, she won't get the points associated with it, so she only has 2 majors/7 points...  Oh well--guess we'll just have to get out there and do it again!!!
03/22/08 Sophie is on a roll!!!  As if last weekend wasn't impressive enough, Sophie goes out again this weekend and shows us how it's done!!!  Thursday night at the non-sporting group club's show (supported NSCA entry) in Edison, NJ, Sophie goes Best Puppy-In-Sweeps, and if that weren't enough, she went on to go Winner's Bitch, Best-of-Opposite, and Best-of-Winners for a 4-point major!!!  Later, the judge mentioned that she had strongly considered giving her the breed!!!  Thank you, Sharon Lyons!!!  What an awesome compliment!!!  Friday, Sophie took Reserve and then today, she went on to go Winner's Bitch & Best-of-Opposite for another 3-point major!!!  Many thanks to James Frederiksen!!!  3 major wins/10 points and 2 reserve wins in 5 shows!!!  What a good girl, Sophie!!!  Thank you to all the judges who have recognized Sophie's outstanding qualities!!!
03/15/08 Just when you think it can't get any better than it already is, something happens and it blows you away!!!  "Sophie"  (Rodel's Walking on Sunshine), a Gorgeous Kenny daughter, made her debut in the ring yesterday at the Celtic Cluster in York, PA, and not only did she blow the competition away by going WB for a 3-point major, but also went on to go Best-of-Winners and Best-of-Breed from the classes over specials!!!  What a spectacular start to her show career!!!  This girl all but showed herself--she ASKED for this win and she got it!!!  Thanks so much to Bill Cunningham for this wonderful win!!!  Sophie is the first Kenny offspring to hit the ring, but there are more in the wings waiting to come out and play!!! 
03/11/08 You saw her at the 2007 National...  Now, check out MR2's newest hopeful, MR2 She's All That of Rodel (aka PeaBoo)...  She's maturing very nicely and we're excited...  PeaBoo is major pointed and only needs a major to finish her championship.
03/08/08 Check out River Wind's newest hopeful, River Wind's Fluff-N-Stuff of Tengai, aka Leo!!!  Leo is a repeat breeding of Ch River Wind's Luck-of-the-Draw (Bonnie), and we couldn't be more pleased with him!!!  Look for him in the ring this spring with his owner, Phil Scala of Tengai Shibas!!!
02/11/08 River Wind wants to congratulate their good friend Rodel Shibas for winning an Award-of-Merit with their Beautiful boy, Ch Rodel's Miway or the Hiway, aka Mac, at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club show held at Madison Square Garden!!!  Way to go guys!!!  He's a gorgeous boy with a brilliant red coat and you have every reason to be proud of him, especially since he's from your own breeding!!!  Tenshin (Ch Tenshinmaru Go Etchuu Wakasugiso), his sire, is really starting to make his mark in the Shiba world in the U.S.!!!
01/21/08 After 8 long months, Kenny is finally home and we are so happy to have him back!!!  : )  Thanks so much to his good friends, Dee & Mary Rotkowski of  Sno-Storm Acres, for taking such wonderful care of him while he was away!!!  He looks totally awesome!!!  Kenny says thanks too and he can't wait to go back for another visit in the future!!!
01/19/08 Pork Chop goes Breed down in Florida over the Number 1 Shiba in the country!!!  Thank you Rita Holloway!!!

Dahlia takes her first breed win from the classes!!!  Thank you Rita Holloway!!!
10/20/07 Dahlia wins her class at her very first National Specialty!!!  We are so proud of our Dahlia!!!  We flew out to beautiful Northern California and Dahlia placed consistently both days in both classes!!!  She went 4th in 6-9mos Puppy Bitch Sweeps and 2nd in 6-9mos Puppy Bitch Regular Classes on Friday at the Shiba Fanciers of Northern California Regional Specialty, and then went2nd in 6-9 Puppy Bitch Sweeps and 1st in 6-9mos Puppy Bitch Regular Classes at the National Shiba Club of America's National Specialty!!!  Thanks Dee for doing such a great job with her!!!  Many thanks to the host club for doing such an awesome job with the show!!!  We had a great time!!!
09/17/07 In Loving Memory of Nadine, 04-17-93 to 09-17-07.  We love you and miss you, good girl...  You were the best!!!
09/16/07 Dahlia wins her first point and Hawkeye is now Ch Rodel's Double Entendre!!!  Thank you Elaine Lessig!!!  This makes champion number 4 for kota with *very* limited breeding and several more on the way, but who's counting???!!! 
09/07/07 Wow!!!  What a great day we had yesterday!!!  Went to the Non-Sporting Show in North Branch, NJ, and had a great time!!!  Hawkeye (Rodel's Double Entendre) went WD/BOW for a 5-point major!!!   Way to go Hawkeye!!!   Dahlia went 2nd out of 3 in Puppy Sweeps & Regular Classes her first time in the ring in spite of her being a wild indian!!!  But wait... there's more!!!  Mac (Ch Rodel's Miway or the Hiway) went Best-of-Breed/Best in Specialty Show (BISS), and then went on to a Group 1 and Group BEST IN SHOW (BIS)*!!!  WAY TO GO, MAC!!!  We're so proud of you guys!!!  Thanks Chris and the rest of the club for a wonderful day!!!
09/02/07 Dee & Kenny do it again this weekend!!!  Kenny goes WD thursday for a 3-point major and then he goes WD/BOW today for a 5-point major to finish!!!  He is now Ch Kokukenryuu Amamiso!!!  Thank you Sandra Goose Allen and Pete Dawkins!!!
08/11/07 What a huge weekend we had!!!  Sparkle finished her championship with a total of 3 majors, 2 of them back-to-back!!!  She is such a beautiful girl and we are so proud of her!!!  Thank you Mary Wuest and Roger Pritchard!!!  Hawkeye (Rodel's Double Entendre) also picked up his majors back-to-back!!!  And Mac (Ch Rodel's Miway or the Hiway) went Breed all 3 days, along with taking a group iv placement on Friday!!!  What a spectacular start to his specials career!!!  Congratulations to all the winners!!!
07/29/07 Kenny does it again this weekend for 2 more points and is rapidly closing in on his championship!!!  Now if we can  just find those  majors!!!
07/24/07 Kenny goes Winner's Dog again for another point this weekend!!!  Thank you Karen MacFarlane!!!
07/10/07 Check out the new pictures of Kenny taken this weekend by his good friend, Kyle!!!  Dee, you make Kenny look awesome!!!  : )
07/09/07 What a Great Weekend we had here at River Wind!!!  Sparkle went WB/BOS for a point on Thursday and then went WB/BOS for a 4-point major (her first!!!) on Saturday!!!  Thank you, Jeremy, for doing such a great job with Sparkle on Saturday and making it possible for me to attend my father's 85th birthday party!!!  Sparkle went RWB to the major on Friday and RWB yesterday!!!  If that weren't enough, Pork Chop went WD/BOW on Saturday for the major to finish his championship!!!  He is now Ch Soutembou Go Kuwana Mitomoso!!!  Whoo-hoo!!!  Great Job, Tom!!!  Go Pork Chop!!!  And to top it all off, our Beautiful Kenny swept the weekend in Ohio for 2 points on Saturday and 2 more points on Sunday!!!  Way to Go Dee & Kenny!!! Thank you to all the judges who have recognized all of these dogs' outstanding qualities!!!
07/02/07 Kenny (Kokukenryuu Amamiso) goes WD for his first point in Ohio!!!  Thanks Dee for doing such a great job with him!!!
06/30/07 What a lot of fun we had at Bainbridge on Saturday!!!  Pork Chop went WD/BOW for a 3-point major and only needs one more major to finish his championship!!!  We got to see old friends and make some new ones and everybody had a great time!!!  Congratulations to Cheri Sullo for finishing her boy this weekend and for her breed win on Saturday!!!  Thank you also to Chris Gursky-Edwards for donating the cute little prizes for her club's shows this weekend and congrats on her Group 3!!!  The dogs loved the cookies and toy!!!
06/03/07 What a great weekend we had here at River Wind!!!  Pork Chop (Soutembou Go Kuwana Mitomoso)  went WD/BOW for 2 points on Saturday under Elizabeth Muthard, and then on Sunday, Sparkle (Blackcrest's Sparkle Plenty) went WB/BOS for 2 points, Pork Chop went WD/BOW for 2 points, and our very own Chip (Ch Riverwind's Chips Ahoy of Tengai), at the tender age of 8 months, went BOB over specials!!!  Thank you Elaine Lessig for a wonderful day!!!
05/19/07 River Wind would like to congratulate Phil Scala and Jeremy Hohman for their wonderful first place win with Chip (Ch Riverwind's Chips Ahoy of Tengai) at the Shiba Classic this year, as well as Charleen Maxim with  Izzy (Ch River Wind's Like A Hurricane) who placed first in her class over a total of 5 bitches in the Seiken Class, 2 of them being black and tan, and was the only black and tan to take a first class placement this year!!!  Way to go Izzy & Chip!!!
05/14/07 It's a Girl!!!  MR2 wants to welcome their newest addition, "Dahlia."  After a long flight here, Dahlia arrived and came off the plane like she owned the place!!!  She is a beautiful girl and we have high hopes for her!!!  Pictures coming soon!!!
05/06/07 Chip goes to Trenton needing 2 single points to finish and ends up finishing with a 4-point major!!!  Congratulations to Phil & Jeremy on your new champion!!!
04/27/07 Sparkle goes out for the first time this year and goes WB/BOS for 2 points!!!  Thank you Jon Cole!!! 
04/16/07 First time out this year and what a weekend it was!!!  Our precious Vailie-Girl is now   Ch Blackcrest Flaming Vail!!!  Vail went into this at the very competitive Blue & Gray Cluster in Harrisburg, PA, needing only single points to finish and finished yesterday with a 3-point major!!!  If that weren't enough, River Wind's very own Riverwinds Chips Ahoy of Tengai, aka "Chip," at the very tender age of 7 months, dominated the competition and picked up 10 points, including a 5 and 3-point major as well, and now only needs 2 single points to finish his championship!!!  A HUGE THANK YOU to Jeremy Hohman for doing the honors of handling Vail for me this weekend.  And many thanks to both Phil & Jeremy for doing such a great job with Chip!!!  We love you, man!!!
04/06/07 We've moved!!!  We are now located in beautiful Kennett Square, PA!!!
12/16/06 River Wind celebrates their 7th homebred champion to date and their 3rd Bred-By-Exhibitor Champion!!!  Bonnie finishes her championship at Delaware Water Gap Kennel Club!!!  Thank you Dr. John A Reeve-Newson!!!


Bonnie places consistently from the BBE Class at the Gulf States Holiday Classic!!!  2nd place out of a class of 6 on Thursday, 3rd place on Saturday & Sunday from a Class of 9!!!

Many thanks to Mary Ross for a wonderful weekend and a National Specialty well done!!!

Congratulations to all of the winners and especially Charleen Maxim who finished her beautiful girl "Sugar"   (New Champion Cape Cod's Autumn Treasure) out of the BBE Class on Saturday at the NSCA National Specialty!!! 

11/27/06 Bonnie goes Winners Bitch, Best-of-Opposite from the BBE class on 11/24, Winners Bitch, Best-of-Winners on 11/25, and Winners Bitch, Best-of-Winners on 11/26 at the Turkey Cluster!!!  Thank you to all the judges who have recognized Bonnie's outstanding qualities!!!
11/16/06 Bonnie goes Winners Bitch, Best-of-Opposite from the BBE class for 2 more points at the Kennel Club of Philadelphia Show!!!  Thank you Joan Scott!!!
10/17/06 Bonnie goes Winners Bitch, Best-of-Winners & Best-of-Breed from the classes (BBE) over 3 specials for a 3-point major!!!  Thank you Danny Moore so much for this awesome (and unexpected!!!) win!!!
09/30/06 Pork Chop goes BOB from the 6-9 Puppy Dog Class and goes Best Puppy in Show his first time in the ring!!!  Way to go Pork Chop!!!  What a good boy!!!
07/28/06 Huge Congratulations are in order for Tisha Harris of Meadowlark Shibas and Tom & Sandie Rolenaitis of Rodel Shibas for their new champion Rodel's Double Indemnity, aka "Trapper"!!!  Trapper is the first champion offspring of Kota, Ch Kisaragi No Kotaro Amamiso!!!  now it's Hawkeye's (Rodel's Double Entendre) turn!!!
05/22/06  "Bonnie" takes WB for another 2 points from BBE at Carroll County!!!  Thank you Bill Cunningham!!!
River Wind kids make an impact at the 2006 Shiba Classic--"Sparkle" (Blackcrest's Sparkle Plenty) takes 2nd in Waka Inu II Bitches (12-18 mos) behind the Best Bitch/Best Opposite winner!!!  "Tori" (Blackcrest Too Hot To Handle) takes 4th place in the same class!!!  "Vail" takes 3rd in Seiken Bitches (over 2-1/2 years) in a very competitive class of 11!!!  We are so proud of our kids!!!
"Pork Chop" makes his ring debut in Yochiken dogs (2-4 mos) at the Shiba Classic 2006 Puppy Sweepstakes 1week after arriving in the united states, and wins his class!!!
MR2 welcomes Soutembou Go Kuwana Mitomoso (aka "Pork Chop"!!!)  Thank you Mr. Sato for entrusting him to us and making his acquisition possible!!!
"Bonnie" (River Wind's Luck of the Draw) takes WB/BOS for a 3-point major her 2nd weekend out under Mrs. Annie Rodgers Clark at the Beckley Kennel Club shows in Lewisburg, WVA!!!  We are so proud of her!!!
River Wind welcomes "Vail" (Blackcrest Flaming Vail), a beautiful red girl produced by Jeannette Watson of Blackcrest Shibas!!!  "Vail" comes to us from Jewell Charles of Cedarcrest Shibas needing only 4 single points to finish her AKC Championship--We have high hopes for her!!!  Thank you Jewell and Jeannette!!!  She has already stolen my heart many times over and is a true joy to live with!!!