Ch. River Wind's At Last
("Etta James")


Etta was shown a total of 7 times, warming up the first 2 times with Reserve Winners, and then going on to finish in 5 shows with 5 majors, including a Breed win over ranked specials, all from the Bred-By-Exhibitor Class. This girl, starting with when she won the Puppy Sweepstakes at the Shiba Classic in May 2001, has lived up to and surpassed any/all expectations we had from her--she truly is a special girl and one-of-a-kind.

She is half-sister to River Wind's Shadow Dancer (Miki) and I have high hopes that she too, will make a significant contribution to my breeding program when she's of age.

 Unfortunately, due to complications after her one and only breeding, her puppies had to be delivered via c-section, and though it was a terrible disappointment, it was decided it was in her best interests to spay her at that time.


Notes from Judge Kawara on the Shiba Classic 2001, translated from Nippo Bulletin No. 3, 2002 (translation courtesy of Michael Green)

Puppy Sweeps

"I picked No. 218 (River Wind’s At Last), a black and tan puppy, as the best of the kinder/puppy classes without hesitation.  She was perhaps the only high-level entry who will do well at any Nippo shows in Japan.  The pup was very feminine with nice round muzzle, good facial expression and proper coat color.  Her body structure was well-balanced.  She had Kan-I and other essential qualities required of shiba."

Etta, at just over 4 mos of age, going Best Puppy in Sweeps at the
NIPPO/USA Shiba Classic 2001
(Photo by Charleen Maxim)


Etta at 14 weeks of age
(Photos by Tom Rolenaitis)

Etta goes out at 9 mos. in BBE and sweeps the competition for a total of 3 majors/10 points in 3 days!!!

Etta's Pedigree Next Member of 
River Wind