Hi, my name is Gibbs Burch and I have been involved with animals in some form or fashion all of my life.  For the past 15 years my involvement has been with purebred dogs, specifically the Shiba Inu since 1992.

I have finished several champions out of my own and other's breedings, who you can view throughout my website. Along with exhibiting and occasionally breeding my dogs, I was for many years, devoted to Shiba Rescue.  Unfortunately, I am not able to continue doing rescue in the same capacity because of my ongoing commitment to my own dogs and my job.

I have visited Japan several times in an effort to learn/understand even more about the Shiba.  These experiences will contribute to the knowledge base behind my breeding program for years to come, and the breeders I met there were a considerable help in understanding the true nature of this breed!

With the above in mind, I strive to produce a dog that will not only be competitive in the AKC arena, but the NIPPO arena as well.  Every dog I have ever produced and shown in AKC or NIPPO shows has always done extremely well.  I will not compete in one arena if I feel the dog will not be competitive in the other.  2001 was a particularly insightful year for me as I feel I made some major inroads in that regard.  A puppy bitch I produced (AKC Ch. River Wind's At Last) not only won Best Puppy in Sweeps at the Shiba Classic (NIPPO/USA show hosted by the Colonial Shiba Club, Inc.) at 4 mos. of age, but also went on to complete her AKC championship in 5 shows with all majors from 5 different judges out of the Bred-By-Exhibitor class at 10 mos. of age.  This accomplishment personifies everything I am working towards with my breeding program.

I love the Shiba breed and ABSOLUTELY ADORE my own dogs--my world revolves around them (ask my husband!!!) and they truly make life worth living. I hope to make a positive contribution towards preserving the beauty and integrity of this wonderful breed of dog through my own breeding program, as well as by working with other breeders who hold the same high standards and beliefs as myself.