River Wind could not continue to breed without the loving dedication given to the Pet Shibas by their owners...
                            For this devotion---we thank you!!!!

Kitsu (red puppy) is owned by Grant Hogarth

Porter is owned by                      Phoebe is owned by                    Indiana is owned by

                        Breezy Dugan and  Mandy Morse                 John Powers                    Jonathan and Robin Lane

                                   Bashi is owned by                          Yoshi is owned by                         Pekoe is owned by
                                   the Grace Family                            Katherine Kruger                        Carol & Keith Myers

Nina is owned by Barbara & Eric Van Bok

Linus & Peaches are owned by Curt & Nicole Blanc
(Peaches was produced by Leslie Ann Engen of San Jo Shibas)

Sly is owned by the Parker Family

Ochi is owned by Ken and Jana Gauvey

"All American Dog"
Buddy is owned by Tom Davies

Loki is owned by Ruth and Dave Tubbs
Andy & Tinker are owned by John Krikorian & Josh Ervin
Juno is owned by Joe & Anna Philip


Dexter is owned by Mandy Spiller & Stef Hercel