Introducing the Shibas

River Wind Shibas was established as a small hobby kennel in 1992.  We are located in beautiful Kennett Square, PA, 2 miles from the renowned Longwood Gardens, and approximately 35 miles southwest of Philadelphia.  We reside in a rural oasis nestled on over 2 acres of beautiful woodland property.  With over an acre fenced in for them to run, the dogs spend most of their time outside getting lots of exercise and wearing each other out...  : )

Though the Black & Tan Shiba was originally my color of choice, I have found that color is secondary to the more important things where a Shiba is concerned, health, temperament and type.  My breeding program consists of dogs produced from lines that are known for these qualities and I will not compromise where any of these issues are concerned.  While I still love the Black & Tan Shiba, my goal is to produce a dog that will conform to the strict criteria imposed by the Nihon Ken Hozonkai (NIPPO) and the American Kennel Club (AKC), no matter if the dog is red, black & tan, or sesame.  I am currently a member in good standing of the following clubs:  National Shiba Club of America (NSCA), Nihon Ken Hozonkai (NIPPO), and Beikoku Shiba Inu Aikokai (BSA).  I used to be a member of the Colonial Shiba Club, but because of the many improprieties and dirty politics involved amongst the Officers and Board Members, I chose to let my membership lapse.  NIPPO, BSA, and the Colonial Shiba Club, of which I had been a participant since 1995 and one of the primary show coordinators since 1997 when it moved to Rockville, MD, are dedicated to preserving the Japanese NIPPO standard in Shibas both in Japan and the United States.

All of my puppies are raised in the house, so by the time they're ready to leave for their new home(s) they are well-socialized with other dogs, cats, adults, children and whatever else may come their way...  : )  My adults are very exuberant, happy and outgoing little dogs and I like to think they're the epitome of what one wants to see in this breed, especially where a family pet is concerned.  I encourage those interested in purchasing one of my puppies to visit multiple times in order to get to know me, all of my dogs, as well as being able to meet/get to know their puppy before it's time for the puppy to go to its new home.

I certify my dogs for their hips and knees (patellas), along with having their hearts and eyes checked by appropriate veterinarians, and perform any other health checks as required by my veterinarian.

My puppies are examined by my veterinarian at 7 and 10 weeks of age, receive two sets of puppy vaccinations, multiple dewormings, and are microchipped for permanent identification before leaving my home.  The puppy buyer receives copies of both reports from the puppy's exams so that they may provide their own veterinarian with any pertinent information regarding their new puppy and its health.

Currently, I have quit breeding Shibas, although I still have a few whose Championships I want to put on them; after that they'll be spayed/neutered/placed in pet homes, or rehomed with a friend of mine for show and possible breediing with my name still on the Shiba, so I'll be in control of what happens to it...The Shibas I have produced were never born for the purpose of making money... Breeding has always been for me an effort to produce better dogs, and to ensure their future well being. If you're interested in owning a Shiba, please read what I have written below to help educate yourself about the breed, and if you have any questions, please know you can always e-mail me at the address below and I'll be glad to assist you.

In addition to what I have said above, please read on to learn more about reputable breeders.

How to Purchase a Nice Dog

For more information on my dogs you may reach me at the following:

Gibbs C. Burch
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

My dogs are truly my passion and I would like to take a moment to give you a glimpse of the special furry faces that make up the home of River Wind Shibas!

To meet my *kids*, just click on the photo of the dog whose page you would like to view.

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I have stepped down from breeding Shibas but, still hoping to be able to help educate anyone with any questions.

Leah Leah River Wind's the Look of Love

(Starting her show career soon )


Ch Kokukenryuu Amamiso

(finished with a 5-point major win)

Vailie Girl
Ch Blackcrest Flaming Vail

(finished with 3 majors)

Vailie has been spayed and retired and is living the easy life these days.  We love her dearly and she'll always be a part of our life.


Kiralia's What I Like About You

(Holly has been spayed and she will stay with us.)