Listed below are dogs of ours that we either produced or owned, have been retired/spayed/neutered, and with the exception of one or two, have found forever homes where they can be the pride and joy of their new owners.  Each and every dog has a special place in our hearts and will always be loved and missed.



Ch River Wind's Tokyo Pearl

(first owner/breeder handled champion--finished with 3 majors)

Skye Queen

04/17/93 - 11/23/09

Ch River Wind's Dances With Wolves

(2nd homebred champion)


Ch River Wind's Epic Tail AOM

(finished with 3 majors, 2 of them being won under 2 different breeder/judges. along with winning an Award-of-Merit at the 2001 Westminster Kennel Club Show, owner/breeder handled)

(owned & loved by Bob McCann)

Etta James
Ch River Wind's At Last

(first Bred-By Exhibitor Champion--finished from the Bred-By Exhibitor Class in 7 shows with 2 reserves during the first 2 shows and 5majors for the last 5, including a Breed win over ranked specials--also won Best Puppy-in-Sweeps at the 2001 Colonial Shiba Club's Shiba Classic and went BOS at an NSCA Reg'l Specialty)



Ch River Wind's Serendipity

(Pudgie has been retired/spayed and now lives with Ellen Mulvey)



River Wind's Shadow Dancer
(Breed winner from the classes (though she hated to show) and multiple first place wins at the Colonial Shiba Club's Shiba Classic)

Ch River Wind's Like A Hurricane

(finished with back-to-back 5-point majors--was the only b/t Shiba to take a first class placement at the 2007 Colonial Shiba Club's Shiba Classic from the Seiken Class)

(owned & loved by Karen Davis)

Chip Ch River Wind's Chips Ahoy of Tengai

(finished with 3 majors from the Puppy Classes)

(owned & loved by the VerHoven family)

Bonnie Ch River Wind's Luck of the Draw

(finished from the Bred-By Exhibitor Class, including a Breed win over ranked specials)

(Bonnie has been retired/spayed)

Ch Kisaragi No Kotaro Amamiso

(finished with 4 major wins under a year of age, including a 5-point major win at a 2004 NSCA Reg'l Specialty, as well as a Best-Puppy-in-Sweeps win at a 2004NSCA Reg'l Specialty)

(Kota has been placed with Ellen Mulvey, who adopted Pudge last year and wanted somebody for her to play with, they are getting along very well)

Griff, Jr.

12/20/99 - 12/01/11

Ch San Jo All Star

(owned & Loved by Carol & Keith Myers)

Blackcrest Too Hot to Handle

(owned & loved by John O'Rourke & Arthur Beckenstein)

Sparkle Ch Blackcrest Sparkle Plenty

(finished with 4 major wins)

(Sparkle has been spayed and now lives with Breanna Alman and her boyfriend, Andy Lee.)

Banshou BIS/BISS/Int'l & AKC Ch Banshou Go Ryuukyuu Uruma, AOM

(finished his AKC championship, won BISS, BIS, G1, G2, G3, 2 G4's, and 4 AOMs, all within 7 months of coming to the USA at 8 years young of age!!!  Ban is only the 8th Shiba to win an all-breed BIS since they were recognized by AKC in 1993 and the first one in almost 10 years to do it!!!  Started off 2009 with two Group 2 placements!!!)

(owned & loved by the MR2 Group, lives at Rodel Shibas, and is retired and happy")


(aka Pork Chop)

Ch Soutembo Go Kuwana Mitomoso

(went Best-of-Breed and on to a Puppy Best-in-Show first time out)

(owned & loved by the MR2 Group,"Katsu still lives in FL with Bob What's-His-Name, and is retired and happy")

Shirley Shirley

River Wind's The Spice of Life

(owned & loved by Phil & Cindy Scala, Tengai Shibas)

Laverne Laverne

River Wind's Lavender & Lace

(owned &  loved by Tom & Sandie Rolenaitis, Rodel Shibas )

Girlfriend Ch River Wind Love Affair at Rodel

(finished from the Bred-By Exhibitor Class with 3 major wins, including a 5-point major win at a 2008 NSCA Reg'l Specialty)

(owned &  loved by Tom & Sandie Rolenaitis, Rodel Shibas )


Ch Cabanterra Divine Dahlia at MR2

(won the 6-9 month Puppy Bitch class at the 2007 NSCA Nat'l Specialty--finished with 4 back-to-back major wins--went Best-of-Opposite Sex at the 2008 NSCA Nat'l Specialty, owner-handled, qualified for Crufts 2009 & 2010)

(owned & loved by the MR2 Group)



Ch River Wind's Black Ice at Tengai

(finished with 3 majors and several Best of Breed wins from the classes over top dogs)

(co-owned with & loved by Phil Scala, Tengai Shibas )